A big congratulations to all JKS/Active schools kids that medalled at this years kumite championships on Saturday May 9th. Well done all.

JKS Active Schools National Kata Championships

December 13th 2014

118 kids from 33 Schools

JKS Scotland/ Active Schools

Kumite Championships

October 4th 2014

120 kids

36 schools

Congratulations to all.

Congratulations to the following Medal winners:


Rory McDonnell - Bellyeoman - 1st

Cameron McGrath - Queen Anne - 2nd

Alfie Ramage - Queen Anne - 3rd

Cole McNight - Townhill - Joint 3rd

Jake Saulnier - Townhill - Joint 4th

Luke Marshall - Bellyeoman - Joint 4th



Eilidh Jones - Saline - 1st

Caitlin Sands - Saline - 2nd

Amy Kirk - McLean - 3rd

Chloe Liddell - Pittencrieff - Joint 3rd



Queen Anne Cluster Games 

Wednesday 4th June 2014


Active schools Kata Championships 

Saturday 14th December 2014