The JKS Scotland National Karate Chmpionships took place on Sunday 22nd October at the Grangemouth.



Please find the complete results for download.

10th WKF Karate 1 Youth Cup 2017   Croatia

Well done to the 6 JKS Scotland students that were selected to compete at and travelled to the 10th WKF Karate 1 youth cup in Croatia 26th June - 2nd July 2017.

The competition this year saw 2500 kids participate from 69 countries worldwide.

All of our guys competed fantastically at this extremely high level event.

A special mention goes to Ben Woods of the Honbu Dojo on fighting his way through to a win a bronze medal, excellent achievement.

Well done all.

Results from our final competition of 2016 at the JKS England nationals in Nottingham. Excellent performances once again from our team.
4 Gold
2 Silver
4 Bronze 
Gold against England in the team event:



Jack Woods - Honbu - Kumite

Lucas, Sam, Lewis - Team Kumite

Lewis Simpson - Honbu - Kumite

Hannah Mackay - Perth - Kumite



Ben Woods - Honbu - Kumite

Sam Scobie - Yokoso - Kumite



Iga, Aimee - Team Kumite

Sarah Queen - Kaishi - Kata

Joshua Murphy - Kaishi - Kata

Ruby McFarlane - Honbu - Kumite



Another fantastic days work at the Meadowbank kids kumite championship on Sunday 6th November. Well done to our squad once again.


4 Golds, 2 Silver, 7 Bronze

Gold: Max Woods, Ben Woods, Lewis Simpson, Patricia Ignat Sandu.

Siver: Alix Simpson, Sam Scobie.

Bronze: Bartosz Mydlowski, Aimee Beattie, Daniel Finlayson, Isla Fraser, Rhuraidh Poole, Lucas Gray, Matthew Fletcher

Congratulations to the JKS Scotland squad who once again this year have excelled themselves at the final 2016 Wishaw Grand Prix.

4 Golds, 6 Silver, 14 Bronze.

We also have 4 overall 2016 champions.


Overall Champions: Eilidh Poole, Taya Cleary & Eilidh Poole, Eilidh Jones, Sam Scobie

Gold: Jack Gibson, Taya Cleary & Eilidh Poole, Robert Steggles, Eilidh Poole.

Silver: Daniel Finlayson, Sarah Queen, Owen Sinclair & Rhuraidh Poole, Eilidh Jones, Taya Cleary, Sam Scobie.

Bronze: Lucas Gray, Eilidh Poole, Ruby McFarlane, Isla Fraser, Lewis Simpson & Ben Woods, Harry Gilfillan, Ben Woods, Taya Cleary, Jack Gibson, Jamie Sinclair, Sarah Queen.


Success at the Polish Open.

October 7/8/9th 2016

1 Silver, 7 Bronze

Click each photograph for results:

Meadowbank junior kumite championship. Sunday 18th September 2016.

5 Gold, 3 Silver & 3 Bronze.

Well done all

British Open Championships.

Ponds Forge Arena - Sheffield

24th/25th September 2016

1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze

Massive Success in Copenhagen Denmark.

October 2nd 2016

8 Gold, 8 Silver, 6 Bronze

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Success at the North East Open Championships.

Darlington Sunday 21st August.

1 Gold, 1 Silver & 12 Bronze

Wishaw Grand Prix.

August 28th 2016.



Congratulations on another successful day for the JKS Scotland squad.


4 Gold

5 Silver

7 Bronze


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A huge congratulations once again goes to the JKS Scotland squad that have been successful at the recent 40th anniversary Cumbrian open championships.

7 Golds, 8 Silver, 12 Bronze

SKGB National Kata Championships.

Meadowbank Stadium 5th June 2016

11 gold, 8 silver, 14 bronze

British Karate Federation 4 Nations Championships.

Ponds Forge Sheffield 28th,29th May 2016

1 gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze

Another massive well done to our amazing squad at the Wishaw Grand Prix. Sunday 15th May 2016.

4 Golds. 3 Silvers. 18 Bronze

Meadowbank kids kumite championships May 1st 2016.

4 Gold, 4 Silver, 9 Bronze.

click on each photo for individual results.

SKGB 2016 International Open Success.

6 Gold, 6 Silver, 15 Bronze.

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A massive congratulations to the JKS scotland elite squad that competed at the Swedish karate open 19/20 March 2016. 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 12 Bronze.

Cameron Scobie - Honbu - kumite

Jamie,jamie,jack - team kata
Eilidh,murray,ben - Honbu - team kata
Ben Woods - Honbu - kumite

Taya Cleary - Honbu - kumite 
Jack Gibson - Honbu - kumite
Lewis steen - Falkirk - kumite
Jack,jamie,lewis - team kumite
Jack,jamie,cameron - team kumite
Rhuraidh, taya, eilidh - team kata
Eilidh,murray,ben - team kata
Ben woods - Honbu - kata
Murray McGillivray- Honbu - kata
Eilidh poole - Honbu - kata
Rhuraidh,murray,ben,cameron - team kumite
Eilidh,kirsty,taya - Honbu - team kumite


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Wishaw success for JKS Scotland Feb 28th 2016

5 Gold, 9 Silver, 19 Bronze



Ben Woods - Honbu - Kumite

Eilidh poole, Taya Cleary - Honbu - Team Kata

Taya Cleary - Honbu - Kata

Robert Olzacki - Perth - Kata

Taya Cleary - Honbu - Kumite



Haley Campbell - Perth - Kata

Ben Woods, Murray McGillivray - Honbu - Team Kata

Craig McGillivray - Honbu - Kumite

Harry Gilfillan - Honbu - Kumite

Rhuraidh Poole - Honbu - Kumite

Haley Campbell - Perth - Kumite

John Douglas - Honbu - Kumite

Jack Gibson - Honbu - Kumite

Robert Steggles - Edinburgh - Kata



Eilidh Poole - Honbu - Kata

Eilidh Jones - Honbu - Kata

Murray McGillivray - Honbu - Kata

Rhuraidh Poole - Honbu - Kata

Sam Scobie - Dollar - Kata

Sarah Queen - Kaishi - Kata

Sarah Queen - Kaishi - Kumite

Cameron Scobie - Honbu - Kumite

Lewis Steen - Shoshin -Kumite

Jamie Sinclair - Honbu - Kumite

Sam Scobie - Dollar - Kumite

Harry Gilfillan, Rory Todd - Honbu - Team Kata

Jack Gibson - Honbu - Kumite

John Douglas - Honbu - Kumite

Jo Cleary - Honbu - Kumite

Lauren Thomson - Honbu - Kumite

Aimee Beattie - Bathgate - Kumite

Eilidh Poole - Honbu - Kumite

Iga Wojciechowska - Shoshin - Kumite 


Excellent day for the JKS scotland squad at the north south open in Belfast. Well done guys, some brilliant performances.8 gold, 9 silver, 6 bronze

Taya, Eilidh.JPG

Taya, Eilidh.JPG

Taya Cleary.JPG

Taya Cleary.JPG

Rhuraidh Poole.JPG

Rhuraidh Poole.JPG

Murray McGillivray.JPG

Murray McGillivray.JPG

Kyle Doig.JPG

Kyle Doig.JPG

John Douglas.JPG

John Douglas.JPG

Jamie, Jamie, Jack.JPG

Jamie, Jamie, Jack.JPG

Ben Woods.JPG

Ben Woods.JPG

Ben, Murray, Rory.JPG

Ben, Murray, Rory.JPG

Ben,Rhuraidh, Harry.JPG

Ben,Rhuraidh, Harry.JPG

Jack Gibson.JPG

Jack Gibson.JPG

Jamie Simpson.JPG

Jamie Simpson.JPG

Jamie Sinclair.JPG

Jamie Sinclair.JPG

Jamie Sinclair - Gold Cadet Kumite, Gold Kata, Silver Kumite

Ben Woods - Gold Kumite

Taya Cleary - Gold Kumite

Jack Gibson - Gold Junior kumite, Silver cadet kumite, Bronze junior kata, bronze cadet kata.

Rhuraidh Poole - Gold kata, Silver kumite

John Douglas - Silver kumite

Kyle Doig - Silver cadet kata, bronze cadet kumite

Jamie Simpson - silver junior kata, bronze cadet kata, bronze junior kumite, bronze cadet kumite

Murray McGillivray - Silver kata

Jack Gibson, Jamie Sinclair, Jamie Simpson - Gold team kumite

Harry Gilfillan, Ben Woods, Rhuraidh Poole - Gold team kumite

Ben Woods, Rory Todd, Murray McGillivray - Silver team kumite

Taya Cleary, Eilidh Jones - Silver team kumite 

Fantastic start to our 2016 competition year at the 1st Meadowbank kids competition: 
4 Gold
2 Silver
8 Bronze.
Well done everyone.

Lewis Simpson - Honbu - Gold
Ben Woods - Honbu - Gold
Taya Cleary - Honbu - Gold
Amy Simpson - Perth - Gold
Jo Cleary - Honbu - Silver
Lucas Gray - Kazoku - Silver
Harry Gilfillan - Honbu - Bronze
Marissa Foley - Kazoku - Bronze
Eilidh Poole - Honbu - Bronze
Lauren Thomson - Honbu - Bronze
Caitlin Wilson - Kazoku - Bronze
Hannah Mackay - Perth - Bronze
Isla Fraser - Kazoku - Bronze
Lucy McCrorie - Honbu - Bronze