Kangeiko January 6th - January 10th 2013

Day 1 - Monday 6th January


We started at 6am with a quick stretch off in the Dojo followed by a run to the local park, once there we focused on all 5 Heian Kata and all 5 Junro Kata. With the kata complete we did reps of 50 of kizami zuki Gyaku zuki, Maegeri, Gyaku zuki then some reps of 10 sets of stance work before jogging back to the dojo to finish off with 10 each full speed and power kihon reps. Nice 1st day and thanks to all that attended. Look forward to seeing you all again the rest of the week.

Day 2 - Tuesday 7th January


Another 6am start and today we focused the full lesson on tube training. This type of training is very demanding but builds up your speed and power brilliantly. We focused on reps of 50 of all techniques which is very hard work and draining but so rewarding afterwards. Outside tomorrow so hope theres no pouring rain.

Day 3 - Wednesday 8th January


Started the day off with a 5 minute stretch in the dojo and then outside for a run to the local park, once in the park we had another quick stretch before starting training. Started with 210 punches followed by 210 maegeri, 210 squats, 210 zenkutsu dachi stances then onto kata training. Firstly the 5 heian kata on the spot and then onto the 5 heian, bassai dai, junro shodan and junro yondan starting on the opposite side...... quite interesting. See you all tomorrow.

Day 4 - Thursday 9th January


Good turn out for day 4..... after a 15 minute stretch off we did 30 minutes ido kihon with partners and then finished the class off with more partner work with the focus pads and tubes..... everyone worked hard and this was a very sweaty session. Last day tomorrow. 

Day 5 - Friday 10th January


Final day of Kangeiko started with a run to the park again after a quick warm up in the dojo. Once there we focused firstly on Gohon Kumite with partners and then moved on to do Kakyoku Shodan, Nidan and Sandan slowly then sharp. We finished the week of with a run back to the dojo. All in all this was a fantastic fast week and i would like to congratulate and thank everyone that trained throughout the week. Well done guys.