Dear Coach / Competitor


The Fife twin town Olympiad will take place in Boblington Germany July 26th - 31st 2017.

Trials will take place on the following Wednesday evenings from 8pm - 9.30pm at the


JKS Headquarters

24 Dickson Street

Elgin Ind Estate


KY12 7SN



  • October 12th

  • November 16th

  • December 14th

  • January 18th

  • February 15th (this will also be the squad selection day}

  • March 15th 

  • April 12th 

  • May 17th

  • June 14th


Atleast 7 of the 9  sessions must be attended to be considered for this event and all students must be from an association belonging to the Scottish Karate Governing Body, train at a club in Fife  and must reside in Fife..

All interested students must be between the ages of 14 -17yrs at the time of the event - July 26th - 31st 2017

Karate has always been hugely successful at this event and fielding a strong team is essential.

We look forward to seeing you in attendance.

A full briefing will be given on October 12th.

Please forward all questions to:

Paul Giannandrea

SKGB Chairman




Congratulations to the Fife Olympiad team that competed in Bergama Turkey. Well done guys
Kata Results
Gold - Jay Hogg - Shotokan 2000
Gold - Claire Penman - Kobe Osaka
Silver - Kyle Doig - JKS Scotland 
Silver - Maxine Graham - Kobe Osaka
Silver - Sarah Gatherer - Kobe Osaka
Bronze - Jamie Simpson - JKS Scotland
Bronze - Melissa Maxwell - JKS Scotland
Bronze - Abigail Biggar - IOGKF

Gold Team Kata - Jamie, Jack, Kyle 
Gold Team Kata - Maxine, Sarah, Claire 

Kumite Results 

Gold - Melissa Maxwell - JKS Scotland
Gold - Jay Hogg - Shotokan 2000
Gold - Blair Duncan - IOGKF
Gold - Maxine Graham - Kobe Osaka
Silver - Claire Penman - Kobe Osaka
Silver - Jack Gibson - JKS Scotland
Silver - Jamie Simpson - JKS Scotland
Bronze - Amber Braid - Kobe Osaka
Bronze - Abigail Biggar - IOGKF
Bronze - Kyle Doig - JKS Scotland
Bronze - Sarah Gatherer - Kobe Osaka 

Bronze Team Kumite - Jamie, Jack, Kyle, Jay, Blair
Bronze Team Kumite - Melissa, Maxine, Claire

Congratulations to the following karate-ka that have been selected as part of the Fife Olympiad karate team that will compete in Bergama Turkey June 16th - June 22nd 2014.


Back Row: Blair Duncan - Goju Ryu, Jack Gibson - Shotokan, Jay Hogg - Shotokan, John Douglas - Coach, Lewis Steen - Shotokan,

Jamie Simpson - Shotokan, Kyle Doig - Shotokan.

Front Row: Amber Braid - Shukokai, Sarah Gatherer - Shukokai, Sarah Queen - Coach, Claire Penman - Shukokai, Maxine Graham - Shukokai