Senior squad training February 21st 2016

Senior Squad Training -Sunday 18th January 2015

Senior Squad Training



29th June


Senior Squad training dates 2016:

Sundays 2.30 - 4.30pm

JKS Scotland Honbu Dojo


  • April 17th

  • June 26th

  • October 16th






All senior squad training sessions are open to 15yrs and over students of all grades from any club within our federation.


Each session lasts 2 hours and costs £6.00.


All squad members must attend.


Whether you are keen to enter our squad or simply want to train extra these classes will be a vital part of your development.

Senior Squad Training -Sunday 25th May 2014


Senior Squad Training 

Sunday 20th April 2014

Senior Squad Training - Sunday 23rd February 2014

Senior Squad Training: January 19th 2014



First squad traing of 2014 and what a great turnout for what was an ubelievably hard session - 1 hour kumite which focused on tabata drills with a partner then 1 hour kata.... Heian Katas finished off with each students Tokui Kata. Well done to everyone in attendance.